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beyond the music


Beyond The Music delivers services that create dramatic change in the working relationship of corporate teams, work units, departments, and divisions, and benefits their operating mojo and their bottom line.

The programs build on the power of the interactive sessions, and ensure that your people get maximum value from their musical experiences, exploring themes of leadership, communication, teamwork, innovation, problem solving, engagement and alignment. Can be done in large groups or in concurrent sessions. From one hour to two days.


leadership development

 We want to be on your leadership development faculty!  Why?  Participants have reported that the sessions provide an energetic boost while addressing real issues in a creative and innovative format.  There are real-time leadership opportunities in the sessions—a business simulation where they can exercise and develop their leadership skills and receive feedback from those they lead and outside consultants.

Music is a powerful mnemonic device that facilitates your program being present with the participants much longer.

Our programs are customized to fit your particular objectives and design.

Bank of America, 3M, Pfizer, McGraw-Hill, FedEx, Corning, AT&T. Unisys, Roche Diagnostics, Con Ed, Ernst & Young, Cytec, McNeal Consumer and Specialty Pharma, Millennium, Sanofi-Aventis, and Cargill are among the clients that have used the Face The Music format in their leadership development programs.

team development

Let FTM get your team on track, in the rhythm, and into a fresh start, working with our skilled facilitators and the band to create a team development experience that will help propel the team to the next level. 

The program supports establishing direction and urgency, challenging the team in an interactive and experiential environment, supporting their formation of a high-performance team in action around their purpose and values.

Use the power of music to throw light on team dynamics, raise and discuss critical issues, and align into an action plan that makes an impact going forward.  ½ day, 1-day, or 2-day programs that directly address your operational results.



We employ Whole System Transformation (WST), an established methodology for facilitating whole system change and adaptation utilizing the existing resources and knowledge of the current system in creating a new system that deploys those resources and knowledge on a new level of functionality, efficiency, effectiveness, and harmony.  It is designed to define and implement change in a rapid and discontinuous manner.

Music as an experiential learning tool, awareness shifter, and facilitator of collective resonance helps groups access new possibilities, see their current system clearly, and align quickly and effectively.  The music augments, accelerates, and deepens the WST process, developing a soundtrack to the process the way a composer does for a movie.

Our experienced consultants facilitate your organization keep up with the rapid pace of change in today’s global environment with this powerful tranformational process.