how it works—Effective Team Building & Leadership Development


first we discuss your objectives

Face The Music is a highly interactive music team building and leadership development process that brings teams and individuals to the next level of engagement — out of their heads, out of the box, and into a more powerful place of participation.

And while we are definitely entertaining, we are not mere entertainment. Rather, we are a catalyst for change - using a variety of musical genres as our team development toolkit - to help organizations become higher performing.

leadership activities

leadership activities


Each Face The Music event is carefully customized to meet the  specific needs and goals of the client.

Part of this process can include writing a custom song for your team and organization that pinpoints your core challenge or goal. We’ll perform the song to kick off your event. Your own “theme song” also helps prime team members to embrace the creative process and write their own songs.

Together we assess your current team dynamics, challenges or culture issues and the ultimate outcomes you want to see. Depending on your goal, budgetary and scheduling directives, we will recommend the optimal program format for you.


...then we customize

The purpose of any FACE THE MUSIC program is to give your people an opportunity to identify and address their key issues in a creative and memorable fashion, and express them in collaboration with their teammates in song lyrics creation and performance.

Music dissolves barriers, helps air issues, identify common ground, find creative solutions and put a dynamic spin on your team dynamics.

In longer workshops we take time to deep dive into the issues, brainstorm business innovations, look at new processes, and find empowering ways to go beyond the business blues.

Face The Music events are insight-invoking business simulations - a “holographic mirror” - in which your workforce gets a good look at how to:

  • Diffuse stress and learn tools to get over performance pressure

  • Deploy creative problem-solving

  • Create awareness of authenticity and speaking the truth

  • Get new products to market

  • Experience freedom within structure

  • Celebrate success

  • Respond to unexpected and challenging business opportunities

  • Think outside the box to experiment and challenge the status quo

  • Step over their comfort zone to perform and empower

  • Consciously and willingly adapt to change

  • Collaborate & communicate, support & encourage