music team building

corporate interactive songwriting program our signature interactive program since 1999, using team songwriting, coaching and live performance.

Our experienced facilitators and band challenge your teams to write and perform original songs about their business challenges and solutions.

Genre choices include Rock, Blues, Country, Pop and Rap. Collaborating under challenging time constraints mirror many of the competencies expected in the workplace.

To succeed, participants must work as a team, innovate, make strategic decisions on the fly and perform under pressure. The transformational program is collaborative, empowering, rewarding, and a whole lot of fun.  Music team building at it's best.


“music festival” team building

In this program we add a competitive edge by assigning a different musical genre to each team to stress diversity and to create a wide-ranging final performance.

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rap, Pop, Blues? Country? There are so many musical choices! Why not roll up all of your favorite genres into one Face The Music interactive songwriting festival? FTM’s unique approach will guide your people through a song writing experience that will culminate in an energetic concert with an explosive array of songs and pulsating beats written and performed by your people with the FTM band.


face the music & dance

Get out on the floor, and up on the stage with a dance team building. 

We work with our favorite choreographers and dancers to create a rare and groundbreaking experience exclusively for your people.

Participants work in groups and create a cohesive dance piece to be performed on stage in a friendly competition.  Face The Music is there for you every step of the way. 

"They are dancers, they create their dreams."  -Albert Einstein-


“record label” team building activity

Music Team Building

Music Team Building

Record Label entails each team forming a “record company” and assigning different roles; from writing and producing songs to marketing the tracks through music videos, to performing the songs live on stage.  

Teams work their project in real time leading up to a “film festival” of their music videos and a concert of their star artists.  It takes creativity, innovation, communication, leadership, and crisp decision making to make their label a success.

Music Team Building

Music Team Building