engaging people, inspiring change

Face the Music is the premier provider of team building through songwriting.

Widely regarded as the inventor of musical team building, we have helped improve teams and organizations around the globe and across most major industries for nearly 20 years.


first we listen, then we make noise

Through interactive songwriting, musical competitions, live performances and much more, our programs bring teams together, transform the way people think and inspire positive change.

Every step of the way, our process is a close collaboration with our clients - and it begins with a deep understanding of your culture and business goals.


unlocking human potential

Music is a universal language that goes beyond words to tap into deeper emotions and open up new thinking. Music brings people together, inspires creativity, energizes and transforms.

So while our programs are definitely entertaining, they are not merely entertainment. They are a powerful catalyst for change, using a variety of formats and musical genres to help organizations maximize performance.


meet the band

We are coaches, management consultants, strategic thinkers, musicians, trainers, motivators and performers. And we have one thing in common: an undying passion for unlocking human potential through musical experiences.