Leadership Development… and…
— Why We Want To Join Your Leadership Development Faculty!

Face The Music leadership clients include:

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Your Scenario:

After a full day of coaching
, keynotes, workshops, and 360 feedback you come to dinner and the head of your BU is up there talking about innovation, experiential learning, and thinking outside of the box.

The thing is—
she is standing on a stage with a full band rig set up behind her, and as she wraps up the band breaks into their first song.

Not long after, it’s
you and your tablemates’ turn to get on stage and sing….

This is leadership development curriculum?

Practical & Effective

Face The Music
has worked as an integrated part of
many major
leadership initiatives.

We provide a program where participants
write, rehearse and perform
original songs about the

issues, challenges and triumphs

in their
work as leaders.  


Our program is a leadership activity that fully engages your group.

Face The Music’s sessions provide an energetic boost while addressing real issues in a creative and innovative format.

Leaders are engaged by the uniqueness of the medium to re-frame perceptions and revisit assumptions.

The music engages emotion, sound and distinctive experiences that automatically
change the framework of the cognitive processes of the participants and the experience becomes an active learning event.

Music is also a powerful mnemonic device that makes
your program content stick with the participants much longer.

Your Benefits:

  • Introduces a new learning modality to compliment the other elements of your program while providing a change of pace from classrooms and lectures

  • Provides opportunities for participants to be
    innovative and creative

  • Experiential Learning that reinforces the key messages from your program

  • Encourages ownership as participants express learning in their own terms

  • Participants express and collaborate on relevant issues

  • Creates memorable connections with other participants that will facilitate their collaborating on business concerns going forward

  • Align around key concepts and themes

  • Provides leadership and “followership” opportunities in real time as participants form a project team and deliver their “product” in a limited amount of time with the resources they have on hand

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Call us to find out how you can
integrate this powerful tool
into your
program design and strategy.