A Conversation with Judi Neal... Author of "Edgewalkers"

The following are audio excerpts from a conference call discussion with Author Judi Neal
(Judi’s bio & the full audio of the call are at the bottom)

Introduction - Paul Kwiecinski & Judi Neal met as part of a group whose focus is bringing one’s spirituality to their work.
Judi and Paul started a peer coaching call that later morphed into a writing buddy call - “Edgewalkers” was one of the results. (1:04)

Edgewalkers as a useful “frame of reference”…started from childhood…origins as “Fringe Element” (2:13)

Judi’s journey of spirituality and it’s impact on effectiveness - “having a foot in both worlds” (1:56)

Integrating both worlds - Is it two worlds? or is it one integrated world? (1:15)

5 Qualities of Effective Leaders - (1:13)

Nature as an Integrator - Source of Business Inspiration, Creativity, & Innovation (0:26)

Playfulness as an unexpectedly powerful business tool (0:49)

5 Skills & 5 Archetypes - Being fascinated with the future - To predict the Future is to Create it (7:02)

How to create positive change in the world - 5 Archetypes of change (7:32)

Call Participant perspectives on the distinctions brought up in the Edgewalker book (10:34)

Full Call Recording (1:15:30)

Judi Neal - Author “Edgewalkers”

Judi Neal - Author “Edgewalkers”

Judi Neal

Author of Edgewalkers: People and Organizations that Take Risks, Build Bridges and Break New Ground, The Spirit of Project Management, The Handbook of Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace, and Creating Enlightened Organizations.

Dr. Judi Neal is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Edgewalkers International. She was the founding director of the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace at the Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas. Judi is recognized as an expert on spirituality in the workplace and speaks and consults internationally. She received her Ph.D. from Yale in Organizational Behavior. In 1988 Judi began teaching management at the University of New Haven. She focused her research on business leaders who have a strong commitment to their faith and spirituality, and began studying how they bridged the spiritual world and the material world of business. That led to her research on people she calls “Edgewalkers.” She has published widely in the field, and is a popular and inspiring international speaker. She has consulted with major organizations such as Pfizer and General Electric as well as with small entrepreneurial companies and with non-profits.

“I am passionate about organizations and teams understanding the value that Edgewalkers bring to the workplace. Usually people who have Edgewalker qualities are seen as strange and they are often marginalized. But Edgewalkers are the ones that see what others cannot see, and they have a commitment to making the world a better place. We need our Edgewalkers more than ever in this uncertain and unpredictable world. The old ways of doing business no longer work, and Edgewalker leaders, and Edgewalker organizations can show us a new and better way.”