The Perfect Client


The title, “The Perfect Client,” comes from being asked one of those classic questions—you know, like, “what are your core values?”, or “what were you put on this planet to do?”  This exercise was “who is your perfect client?”  Well, I think going to the “P” word is a trap in itself, so let’s say "what is an excellent client?"

The excellent client:

  • Knows how to jam and wants to master it. Jamming is creative, innovative improvisation within a mutually agreed structure. In music it’s the key, tempo, instrumentation, band members, etc. In business it’s the market, company culture, trends, new technology, the team, etc. Jamming is fun, and done well creates the most satisfaction and the best results.

  • Wants results that we can provide or facilitate to make happen. My excellent client is ready to take on their issues in an extraordinary way, and can recognize what our potential is to help with that.

  • Is ready to change and grow to get what they want. How often do you see a group or organization that wants better results, but would like to get them by doing what they are already doing? Or maybe someone else or some other department needs to change, but we’re doing just fine? The excellent client recognizes the inevitability of change and the power of taking it on proactively and consciously.

  • Wants to keep it fun and interesting.

  • Is successful and wants to build on their success—or—is not successful right now, but has decided to take on their success in a powerful way.

Of course, to attract the excellent client, we need to be the “excellent service provider;” we need to be the same way—innovative and ready to jam, wanting and owning results for our client, ready to change and adapt, keep it fun and interesting, and using the experience of our successes to build new ones for our clients.




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