Follow up: CPR in Action 2


A few weeks ago Face The Music posted a lesson on CPR (Context, Purpose & Results). The feedback was positive and grateful. A consultant asked if we had a sample CPR. We used the CPR example below from a events planner looking for a music team building event.

Along with this sample we are re-posting a link to the process. As many of you have found, having a vision for your life/business is vital for shaping success, CPR is a great companion for delivering on your vision and purpose.



This is going to be something special!


To strengthen our division's effectiveness, team dynamic, and communication by holding a powerful and valuable offsite 


·       Participants have over the top fun

·       Feedback ratings exceed last year's record setting marks 

·       The music team building enhances how we work as a team 

·       We get insights on how to communicate more effectively

·       Participants connect and form deeper relationships

·       Team members feel like superstars

For more information on the CPR process :