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Reframing for New Possibilities

What does Ed Wood and your new list of business challenges have in common?

For this weeks video blog: “How to write a blues lyric”, FTM created a quick 30 second video in the style of a quirky grade B movie genre.

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Follow up: CPR in Action 2

A few weeks ago Face The Music posted an article on a leadership activity—CPR (Context, Purpose & Results). The feedback was positive and grateful. A consultant asked if we had a sample CPR so we’re providing this example from an event planner for a music team building she was putting on.

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Change Your Meetings, Change Your World

Premise: Organizations as living systems must continually adapt and change in response to their environment in order to thrive, survive, and be relevant.

Addressing the meeting from a systemic and holographic perspective makes it an exceptional leveraging opportunity for learning your system’s characteristics.

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5 Things You Can Do to Increase Your Team's Performance

There are a lot of issues that can come in to play: fragmented teams, constant change of focus and direction, communication and cooperation, office politics, leadership styles, alignment, etc. What are the key things that you can focus on to make a difference?

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