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6 Atmospheric Elements for Transforming Your Company Culture

The transformation process I work with is a holistic, systemic model, where the characteristics of the system (organization, team, or individual) cannot only be determined by the properties of its parts. The structure and relationships of the parts determine how the system expresses itself, and sometimes small, leveraged changes can make large impacts on the dynamics and results. Here are a few modalities practitioners experiment with that can support the transformational process.

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Purpose is a key ingredient for a strong, sustainable, scalable organizational culture. It’s an unseen-yet-ever-present element that drives an organization. It can be a strategic starting point, a product differentiator, and an organic attractor of users and customers.

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Reframing for New Possibilities

What does Ed Wood and your new list of business challenges have in common?

For this weeks video blog: “How to write a blues lyric”, FTM created a quick 30 second video in the style of a quirky grade B movie genre.

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Innovative Approach to Organizational Change Featured in New Publication

Excerpt: It’s the old E-Myth principle where businesses are started by technicians or specialists who haven’t acquired the basic business skills or knowledge, or still assume that business acumen is a minor part of the new business equation. If you’re a yoga instructor, do you really want to start a studio? As an engineer, is starting a company to develop, produce, and market your tech invention the way to go to serve your purpose?

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CPR: Context, Purpose, & Results

CPR is a powerful tool to focus clearly on what you would like to attain from an event, a project, a meeting, or an action. By clearly stating all the results you would like to obtain, stating the purpose of the activity, and developing a context from which to operate, you focus your intent powerfully and take a direct path to where you wish to go.

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Musing on Leadership Development

Leaders determine what happens. Everything we see, know, and experience is (or was) made up. There are extant environmental conditions and facts, and someone gives meaning to them based on their beliefs, values, and personal history, and they envision what’s next and make decisions on how to go about manifesting that—leading the action that will make it happen. They make it up…

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Change Your Meetings, Change Your World

Premise: Organizations as living systems must continually adapt and change in response to their environment in order to thrive, survive, and be relevant.

Addressing the meeting from a systemic and holographic perspective makes it an exceptional leveraging opportunity for learning your system’s characteristics.

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