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Reframing for New Possibilities

What does Ed Wood and your new list of business challenges have in common?

For this weeks video blog: “How to write a blues lyric”, FTM created a quick 30 second video in the style of a quirky grade B movie genre.

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Follow up: CPR in Action 2

A few weeks ago Face The Music posted an article on a leadership activity—CPR (Context, Purpose & Results). The feedback was positive and grateful. A consultant asked if we had a sample CPR so we’re providing this example from an event planner for a music team building she was putting on.

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Innovating in the UK

I want to share a little vignette on an innovative experience of my own that helped me to complete my work.  The fact that the need for the innovation was due to my own poor planning will not be the point I am emphasizing, but I was able to find a way to get my work done and keep my clients served.

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