An Extraordinary Day in the Life

Issue 19 – November 2012


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Sid's Not Vicious

Corporate Prose by Ken McGloin


Did you ever enter a hotel lobby wishing you weren’t there?

There I was again at another corporate retreat

All lined up at the gate I mean check in

Waiting for the booby prize ... our own rooms

Behind the desk, an attractive smartly dressed women in her early 30’s

Her smell reminds me of an autumn day

Smiling, she hands me my key and welcome bag

Room 411

Happily going through my welcome bag

I look at the 2 day schedule that starts at 7:30 the next morning

A team-building event after lunch. NO!!

The next day at lunch I’m running intel on what the “team builder event” is going to be.

Wish I could skip this, but the CEO is going to be there. Who is the CEO this year anyway?

I enter the ballroom; roundtables inhabit the room like flying saucers

Lights down ... A band on stage starts playing a blues song

On the screen behind them, no U2 logo but instead “Face the Music”

I check my cell phone no bars ahhhh ...

The MC tells us our table is a band and our task (whether we accept it or not) is to write a song

Our table/band is composed of 3 guys from France, a woman from India and 6 dudes from the mid west

None of who have any musical talent.

We agree to psychically channel Bob Dylan, nothing ... then we go for the Maroon 5 but the channels are closed; it was up to us and we only have 40 minutes.

Our writing “coach” from the band introduces himself as Frank Lloyd Wrong.

We all had picked aliases at this point. I was “Sid Delicious”

Mystified unwillingly we joke around and finally the muse comes

The bar’s open ...

After a brief encounter with Sam Adams

We start to write:

“Woke up at 5, on the road by 7

Am I going to work or am I going to heaven

Were’ Rolling with the Punches cause we ain’t got no choice

Were’ Rolling with the Punches cause we ain’t got no choice”

(3 verses, a chorus later)

“Who will be singing this?” FLW asks

“You are” we instinctively shout in unison

“You’ll do it, it will be fun,” he says

The hallway next to the ladies room is now our own private rehearsal studio

Women walk by us smiling as --

FLW has us stomp and clap as he plays a guitar. We sing.

Then we nervously discuss our routine

“Maybe we should take turns singing,” “no lets all sing together,” ” but you can’t understand the lyrics if we all sing it together.” FLW tells us that the lyrics will be up on the screen so it would be up to us how to represent. Although, he passively aggressively suggests splitting up the singing, it up would help to sell the song better.

Sing verses by ourselves? I could sing but never in front of anyone. Especially myself,

We’re terrified and excited all at the same time.

It’s show time and we are pumped

The MC calls our band up first “The Papas and Mama”

The band playes us on with 7th Nation Army by the White Stripes

We march to the primal beat onto the stage

I feel like a rock star, we’re draped in sun glasses, wigs, bling and blues hats

FLW tells us to eat the mics ( the musician talk for get close to it) and now

“Ready” 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

We stomp and clap our infectious beat, the audience joins in

I can feel it

This is going to be a one hit corporate wonder

It’s my verse, I get to the mic and instead of belting it out

I whisper my part. The band suddenly gets soft and the room quiet

I have everyone’s attention, I’m having a moment. It is a great one

Before I know it the band gets louder and we all shout our last chorus.

Checking out the next day

The same women (still smelling like autumn) is at the front desk

As she swipes my card for the incidentals

I see my name on it and realized that I will now go back to my life.

Warhol said we all get our 15 minutes of fame

Last night I had 5.

That’s another 10 left for Sid Delicious

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