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Innovation Now! — Putting the "I" (and the "We") Into Innovation
New FTM CD - "Your Work is Your Song"
Innovation Now! — Putting the "I" (and the "We") Into Innovation
by Paul Kwiecinski and Jay Johnson
What comes to mind when you hear the word Innovation? Does it invoke a sense of wonder? Exploration and discovery?
Or does it invoke these types of thoughts:
"Oh my god not this again, I hope they don't call me into any of those meetings!"
"Please, don't call my name, maybe if I pretend I'm invisible they won't realize that I'm here?"
Organizational Innovation is an absolute necessity if your company wants to be competitive. Unfortunately the person who dares to ask for outside help or simply bring attention to an issue around innovation or the dysfunction associated with implementation of innovation is sometimes treated like a renegade, i.e.,"Excuse me Ms Jones are you implying that we are not creative? What would make you say such a thing"
Satisfied Client
–  Claire Paul, City & Guilds
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The simple truth is innovation is hard, if it wasn't, everyone would be successful at it, and everyone and every company would be successful, which ironically means no one would actually be truly successful because everyone would be just as creative and execute just as well as the next person. The common theme amongst the companies that are considered to be or perceived to be an innovation based culture is that they seem to have fun at work; they enjoy the environment in which they work. The employees actually enjoy going to work. We suggest you jumpstart your next innovation initiative with some humor, some adventure, and some vision to help you move towards a culture of innovation.
For an organization to shift into the prized "culture of innovation" it takes a kind of change and shift that happens on a more subtle level than the usual organizational changes that involve new divisions, org charts, reporting structures, or team changes. It involves getting into the DNA of the organization and tapping the impulses and dreams that are trapped inside the current system, and evolving that system so that it gives expression.
Of course, Face The Music brings the powerful tool of music to the table. Music helps unleash creativity, reframe the current paradigm, spark new and diverse interactions, energize, and make the work memorable. We have teamed up with Above & Beyond International (experts in innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility), MetaSystem Consulting Group (known for whole system change, experiential learning, and leadership), and Catapult Entertainment LLC (Large-scale event producers, writers and choreographers extraordinaire) to develop Innovation Now!, a customizable offering to help our clients bring the innovation that is essential for them to create a successful and flourishing organization.
We are passionate about supporting you to create the organizations that will build a prosperous, sustainable, energizing, and rockin' future. Give us a call to speak further about what you want to create.
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New FTM CD - "Your Work is Your Song"
Stone Ridge NY–June 1, 2010 has been set as the target date for release of Face the Music’s Second Album “Your Work is Your Song.” The new release will feature songs written by FTM band members based on topics and issues that our clients express about their work place experiences.
The FTM band’s single, “Call Me, Beep Me, Page Me”, was released in September 2000. It has become one of the most frequently played songs in FTM’s history. It comes as no surprise that this single would have been on the top 10 list of the Corporate Music Charts, within a week of release, if indeed any Corporate Music Charts existed!
Paul Kwiecinski, President and CEO of FTM Records Distributing Corp., also disclosed that, in addition to the second album release, FTM will release “Your Work is Your Song” as a single, intended primarily for juke-box operators, if any still exist.
America’s--and probably the world's--hottest interactive band cracked the team building market with the unprecedented achievement of having played their original music, while hosting interactive events in the US and Europe throughout this past decade inviting their clients to contribute their own original songs. One third of their events were leadership programs and the rest were events that helped organizations with different ways to view their challenges in the market place and within internal structures.
As a result of their phenomenal popularity, FTM has become the No. 1 topic of discussion on all levels of society. They even headlined at the Jazz at Lincoln Center during the Innovation Forum in 2007.
Their impending success throughout the world has been heralded with astounding coverage in the press. They have already been featured on CNN as well as written up in Fast Company and other National magazines. Radio has spoken thousands of words about the company and at least one local newspaper, the Woodstock Times, saw fit to write an editorial about Face The Music.
Although not yet confirmed, rioters have been sited at nearly all the FTM appearances in London (most recently for City and Guilds). There is speculation that this may happen in Asia or even Ohio.
The FTM unpublished Newsletter last April wound up saying: “Corporate America had better take thought as to how it will deal with the invasion of FTM globally, as it is helping companies all over the world with its renowned interactive programs ...Indeed the cry of “Let’s keep FTM on our own turf” might be just the thing.”
Adaptation from "Beatles single takes off"
(Capital Records press release dated Jan.9, 1964)
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