Renewal: It's Just Like Starting Over...

  Issue 44 – September 2015  
Letter from the CEO
Setting Forth
Letter from the CEO
Face The Music has a proud history stretching way back to the last century (founded 1999...). Our success is built on our relationships with our clients, stakeholders, friends, musicians, and vendors — relationships that are based on trust, integrity, partnership, and caring. While we take pride in our past, we're always looking forward, preparing our clients and ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
Today's business world is complex and fast-paced. Globalization, technological advances and demographic shifts bring opportunity—and challenges. The changes have brought complexity and the need for innovation, agility, and whole paradigm shifts in the way our clients' businesses are operated.
At Face The Music we see great opportunity and relevance in the role we play in supporting our clients to take on their challenges, and in serving our mission to help build a better working world. Our programs bring music, fun, spirit, and energy into organizations. They are designed to help these organizations develop new approaches and behaviors to take on issues like:
•  Culture change
•  Diversity
•  Developing new leaders
•  Change adaptation
•  Gender and cultural bias
We custom design our programs to address whatever challenges are on their table at the time.
In order to accomplish this we realize that we need to look at or own organization and continue to adapt and make changes to continue to serve our clients in powerful and relevant ways. We're a sort-of open source operating system, where we integrate the input from our clients, vendors, and advisors to adapt and renew how we function and what we offer. Much of what we offer now has come from client requests and suggestions, brainstorms with meeting planners, or participants coming up to us and saying, "What if you...??"
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Mitchell Goozé (honored speaker at the Commonwealth Club) is the president and founder of Customer Manufacturing Group. His broad scope of business experience ranges from operations management in established firms, to start-up and turn-around situations and mergers. A seasoned general manager, he has headed divisions of large corporations and been CEO of independent firms, always focusing the company strategy on the most important person in business ... the customer. Prior to founding Customer Manufacturing Group, Mitch was president of Teledyne Components, a division of Teledyne, Inc., for five years. For years he has used his Who, What and How assessment methods to help companies define what their customers are buying that they can't get from anyone else.
I'm grateful for the amazing relationships I've developed. I often feel like the clients are opening their doors to us, bringing us into their intimate "home" environments, and sharing what's going on in a deep and authentic way. The nature of our work seems to facilitate the rapid development of friendships and relationships that continue and grow over time.
Thanks to all of you that have been a part of the Face The Music extended tribe, and we look forward to what we will co-create going forward.
Paul Kwiecinski
CEO and Managing Partner, Face The Music
Setting Forth
     by Amanda Ordonez
Graduating from college last spring was one of the toughest things I've had to do thus far. I had to leave behind an era of carefree living with my hardest decision being what I was going to wear to go out that night. I wasn't ready to face the real world yet and actually figure out my career and life's passion because frankly, I had no idea what that was, and honestly still don't. I graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a marketing degree and had yet to find a job that remotely had anything to do with marketing. These days, full-time jobs aren't just given to you once you get a degree. Most companies want to see that you have experience. Even if you are applying for an entry level position or unpaid internship, many companies require that you have two to three years experience in that field, which makes absolutely no sense!
I still hadn't experienced the actual world of marketing yet so I figured the first thing I had to do was find a marketing internship. I started looking in the city first because I figured there would be more opportunities. It wasn't until then that I realized that the more opportunities there were, the more competition. I stopped looking for jobs and internships in the city once I realized the only response I had gotten was from a company that was a complete scam. That was when I decided to look and see if I could find something smaller in my area. This is what led me to Face the Music. I found the internship posting on my school's website and was trying to find companies that interested me.
When I first applied to Face the Music, I honestly thought that it was a venue that held musical events. When I got the call back about setting up an interview, I looked into what Face the Music actually does. It was something I hadn't seen before: bringing companies together through an interactive musical experience. I thought that it would be an interesting company to be a part of so when offered the internship, I accepted. I was shocked by how small the company actually was and by how successful they had been these past 16 years, working with large companies around the world. With a company this small, however, I figured I would get a lot of hands on experience seeing the behind-the-scenes of a how a company actually functions. I knew I would gain a lot of real marketing experience to be able to see if the marketing world was really for me and may be able to network with people I might use in the future.
Being a part of the inner workings of this company these past few weeks has truly been an experience I won't forget. In the meantime, I've realized that the marketing world is definitely not for me-looking for my next job, most marketing positions want you to start out in sales-not my passion! I have learned a lot about self-motivation and time management skills and have also learned to set high expectations for myself. I have truly grown from this experience and will definitely use these skills I've gained later in life.
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