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Leadership Activities--You Can Do Anything --and-- Developing Global Leaders

When doing action or experiential learning with organizational leaders, our approach is to coach them to develop awareness of themselves as leaders, and of the underlying system and assumptions that are operating in their organization. 

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WT* is Team Building?

The term “team building” gets thrown around a lot in organizations, and means a lot of different things to different people.  It runs the spectrum from a boss bringing in pizza for her group to a long-term, focused development program that has the intention of developing a high-functioning, high-performance team. 

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Labors of Love, and "'Sup With Social Media?"

It has come to our attention through observation and interactions with human systems that there is a certain polarized paradigm circulating about that merits our attention perhaps. It has to do with a distinction between work and fun/enjoyment/creativity/personal time.

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Rockin' Winston Churchill and on to the UN

Engaging and Re-Igniting Our Global Workforce Through Sustainable Economic and Talent Development

Pursuant to that, the 15 or so participants and their BPI hosts were to spend some time at the United Nations on the Monday following the Sunday opening meeting at the Waldorf.

About the meeting from BPI founder and CEO Louis Carter (see article 2)...


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The Purpose of Purpose--Bach Sculpting and Helicopters

In B. Kliban's cartoon, "Bach Sculpting", we see Johan Sebastian Bach awkwardly crafting his lumpy-dumpy statuette while his piano sits unused in the background. I've felt my own version of Bach Sculpting many times on the job as I'm working some task where I know there are many people that have the skills to do this better, more efficiently and expertly than I will ever be able to do this...

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Rapping Around the Business Blues

Jamming is collaboratively improvising music that is fun, innovative, in-the-moment, feeds to and from each of the participants, and has an underlying structure that everyone doing it understands. What would it be like if everyone on your team at work was jamming together? How would it feel? What kind of results would you be getting?

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On the Road in Nashville with Face The Music (Kero-whackian)

I first came to Nashville after bouncing back and forth to California the month before. Calif had just helped me get over the late Winter Catskill funk that I won't bother to talk about, except that it had something to do with wind, snow, cold, and the feeling that everything was dead. With the coming of the Nashville trip, it was still cold...

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